Nach Ostern wird es endlich die lang ersehnte Linux Ünterstützung geben.

We know it has been quiet for some time but we have something in-coming for all you Nuclear Dawn fans at the end of this week. We will basically bring the Linux beta out of beta with a bunch of fixes (including workshop map syncing speed) and merging it with the main branch so Linux, OSX and Windows players can finally play together. Stay tuned for more information soon!

(SITTARD, THE NETHERLANDS) June 18, 2013 – InterWave Studios announced today a dual Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign that will run simultaneously for their upcoming DRM-free game Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is a Metroid-like, intense sci-fi side scrolling game that combines the twitch mechanics of a first person shooter with an adventure platformer.


• Steam Greenlight Page: >>over here.
• Kickstarter Page: >>Pledge for us now.


“We could release Dark Matter right now in its beta form, but there is a level of polish and some necessary tweaking to gameplay mechanics required in order to ensure the game provides people with an exceptional, fun and intense experience. The funding will provide us with the additional two months we need to complete Dark Matter. At the same time, we are looking to publish Dark Matter via Steam Greenlight’s system that uses their community to pick upcoming new games,” said Igor Raffaele, general manager of InterWave Studios.


InterWave Studios will attempt to crowdsource and publish Dark Matter simultaneously over the course of the next 30 days. The funding will go directly to the game’s final two months of development to ensure that Dark Matter achieves the level of polish it deserves. In addition, InterWave will begin to reach out to its community with unique access to the game and the developers to help achieve the level of support it requires in the Greenlight community in order for Steam to publish the game.


“As part of the Kickstarter campaign, we are going to do something truly unprecedented by granting our higher level backers access to Dark Matter’s beta version during the campaign so that they can help dictate the game’s development by providing feedback to us directly via our forums and one-on-one meetings. With our backers’ feedback and support, our goal is to create the type of game we want to play rather than the type of game big studios would force on players. Big publishers would normally ignore smaller games with lower profit margins like Dark Matter, but we are an independent studio, so we don’t have to sell millions of games in order to be successful. We don’t have to appease shareholders. We only have to make our fans happy. It is this philosophy that allows us to create games like Dark Matter and we look forward to sharing it with everyone,” said Raffaele.


Michiel “Viper” Beenen , Chef von InterWave, den machern von NuclearDawn, hat verlauten lassen das NuclearDawn demnächst das Steam-Sammelkartenfeature unterstützen wird.

Ein genauer Termin steht noch aus.

Steam-Sammelkarten sind virtuelle Karten, die Sie durch das Spielen von Spielen auf Steam erhalten. Kartensätze können in Spielabzeichen und handelbare Steam Community-Objekte umgewandelt werden.

Mehr infos gibt es unter


Im siebten Indiebundle von BundleStars gibt es diesen Monat unter anderem die Vollversion von NuclearDawn zum Schnäppchenpreis.

Mit dabei sind noch acht weitere Indie-Titel.

  • Fixed compass directions on Coast.
  • Fixed crash or hang on startup when subscribed to Workshop maps that become unavailable (removed, hidden by author).
  • Fixed exploit that could allow commanders to become invulnerable.
  • Fixed a case where explosion damage could travel through structures.
  • Unlocked mat_hdr_level convar for mappers generating cubemaps.

 Neue Map “Coast”:





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